I am a geneticist and computational biologist working as a Profesor Titular of genetics in the University of Vigo. I am interested in the interface of biology, mathematics and scientific computing.


My recent research is focused on the study of evolution from an information theoretic approach. For example, I have been working in the description of non-random mating effects in terms of the information theory and have developed a framework for performing multimodel inference on some direct mating parameters. This framework is called QInfoMating. Recently, I expanded the theory to encompass quantitative traits. Our findings reveal that sexual selection and assortative mating can be effectively quantified for continuous traits by measuring the information gained by deviating from the random mating pattern. This is significant because the study of sexual selection on discrete or continuous traits is usually carried out from different theoretical frameworks and the symmetrized Kullback-Leibler divergence (also known as Jeffreys divergence) allows them to be unified.

I also maintain the package Myriads for performing multiple testing corrections.



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