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I am a computational biologist interested in the interface of biology, mathematics and scientific computing. I have completed two postdoctoral fellowships (two years each):


Molecular Evolution in Virus: Postdoctoral fellow (2004-2006) at BYU with David Posada (UVigo, Spain) and Keith Crandall (BYU, USA).


Conservation Genetics: Postdoctoral fellow (2002-2004) at UVigo (Spain) with A. Caballero and E. Rolán-Alvarez.


I am member of the XB2 group at Vigo University and have been working into two separated research lines. First, evolutionary ecology and speciation processes. Second, some aspects of molecular evolution in viruses like HIV and HPV. However, I have always pursued a computational approach into the two fields. I am the designer and programmer of the simulation program GenomePop2 which continues under development as well as the SGoF+ software for multiple testing. I have also developed some other programs (see the software links).


My main research interests currently include:



My hobbies are reading, mainly science fiction and science divulgation. I enjoy sea swimming, playing squash or just walking. I also love good conversation with friends and colleagues enjoying good Galician food and wine...








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